Mantis Nest

Our Lab, Where we put together our teaching formula to bring you focused, condensed, empowering training.



Bring your team a challenge they can be proud of. Build strength, speed, and agility. Work together in team oriented, high intensity training. Grow stronger, and bond through challenging workouts.

(available on-site, or in a similarly equipped facility)

Interested in training your team in some of the best self-defense training you can find? Try our 'out of the box', simplified, easy to learn, highly effective courses available in 2 hour brackets. 

(Available for business, high schools, colleges)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Mantis Boxing

Introduce your team, or dojo to the amazing art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Conquer the challenges of size, and strength with superior technique. Experience the martial art that is sweeping the world by storm.

Available on, or off-site. Inquire for a list of topics.

'Hook in', to the world of Mantis Boxing. Expose your team, or dojo to an ancient Chinese Martial Art that has survived the annals of time. Hook, Grapple, and Pluck your way through a journey of radical techniques, and skills. 

Available on, or off-site. Inquire for a list of topics.