Show the Art

Check out some of the techniques you'll learn in class highlighted on MantisBoxers YouTube Channel. You can find more videos on our own YouTube Channel - RandyBrownMantisBoxing

Videos by Max Kotchouro

In this first episode, Randy shows how to use a punch parry/counter-strike combo known as Crazy Ghost Fist against an advancing opponent in a southpaw, or opposing stance position. Two variations are shown based on opponents counters. Once you have the move down, add these in to your practice.
In our third episode, Randy demonstrates a shoulder lock known as White Ape Falls In Hole, as a counter to your Guillotine Choke (front head lock) being countered. Included is an example of setting up the Guillotine Choke from striking, as well as a takedown counter to the counter.
Cross Kick and Inch Kick are two devastating leg attacks used heavily in Mantis Boxing to distract, destroy, and open the guard of an opponent. In episode 08, Randy explains each kick, how to apply it, and then includes a drill to help train the kicks with a partner.
Mantis Boxing technique - White Ape Invites Guest. Double Mantis Hooks used to pluck the arm into the dead space while sweeping the legs with Seven Star position. Allows for a back take, or advantageous position to follow-up with strikes.
In Episode 10, Randy demonstrates a defense against the Bear Hug (Body Clinch) to takedown (Crashing Tide). Here we use the principle Kao (Lean) to establish position and counter the takedown. Then receding into the opponents center to reverse them into a throw.
Holly and Vincent demonstrate a two person drill to train Mantis Catches Cicada.
When attacking, it is common for us to get fixated on hitting the head. If the opponent has a good guard/defense, they can shut down your strikes all day long. Randy demonstrates the principles 'Change Levels/Vary Targets, Rule of Three, Centerline, and Distractions' to help open up Thomas' guard.
A Mantis Boxing takedown with a little Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style finish/groundwork. Body Clinch to Leg Hook to Arm Triangle.
In this video Randy Brown breaks down the foundation for a highly effective and efficient blocking system that can give you an edge in martial arts, training, fighting, sparring. Includes: Upper Block, Middle Block, Lower Block, Guard Position, Close In Blocking, 3 Way Blocking, 3 Way Blocking with a Partner.
We're back. In episode 2 we are addressing a question - "How do I get started in martial arts?" This can be a confusing and sometimes intimidating experience. Check out this episode for ways to make this process/transition easier.
In Episode 4 of Swamp Talks, we answer one viewers question - "Why does it take so long to get a Black Belt in BJJ?" In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it can be an average of 8 to 10 years for someone to get their black belt.

A new episode answering a question we received on how to reduce/prevent injuries in martial arts training. Check out this episode to learn how you can decrease your chances of getting hurt, or staying hurt while training in martial arts.